Send us your poems, essays, prose, 

articles, digital artworks, collages, and

 any other creative works that you feel fit the theme. 


 happiness // thoughts // thinking //

 dreams // daydream // anticipation // expectations //

 hope // yearning // emotions // balance //

happily ever after // apprehension // celebration //

darkness vs. lightness // confidence // experience //

 predictions // eagerness // excitement // love

Chasing Shadows is dedicated to art/writing and artists/writers of all forms. We want to provide a valuable literary space for all creators worldwide. The magazine will release two issues per year. If the submission is made after the mentioned deadline for the issue, your piece will be accepted for the next upcoming issue. You can send us your:

a) poetry

b) personal essays, short stories, articles, speeches, and other kinds of prose

c) photography

d) digital artworks, comics, posters, etc.

e) Did we miss something? Just mail us your creativity! 

General guidelines:

1. Contributors have to be 12+ years old and can submit their pieces of art and/or writing to us all year-round.

2. Email all submissions to The format for the subject is line is: (Your Name)_(Genre) For eg: Maria_Poetry. Anonymous submissions are also allowed. Just mention it in the body of the email. 

In the body of the email, include a short third-person bio, your pronouns, age, location, and your social medial links. Please do not mention your name inside the file which contains your works. This is to ensure blind submissions. 

Contributors can also submit their submissions via google formClick here

3. You are allowed to submit up to 4 poems and 6 pages of proseUp to 6 artworks can be submitted. If you want to submit across genres, please send your works in separate emails. Include all works of one genre inside a single file. All submissions have to be either in Word or pdf file. Please ensure that your artworks are in hi-res format. We accept only those works which are in English

4. We don’t have any set rules of formatting. Kindly send your pieces in a lucid font based on your judgment. 

5. Simultaneous submissions are allowed! If your work gets accepted elsewhere, kindly inform us. You can let your work stay with us (we will duly credit the source or mention it as forthcoming) or take away your submission. 

6. If the submission is made after the mentioned deadline for the issue, your piece might be accepted for the next upcoming issue.

7. Feel free to submit your deepest perpetual thoughts, dreams that lull you to sleep, or the ones that haunt your slumber. We want to read and see how differently you perceive the world through your eyes. Chase your inner shadows and we will let the world see them. 


Our response time is one to two weeks. You can mail us your queries if you haven’t received a response within the time frame mentioned. 


1. We want Chasing Shadows to be a safe literary space for all creators and readers. Hence, all rights of judging the submissions solely rest upon the editorial board. Hate speech and obscene language will not be tolerated. Please mention trigger and content warnings wherever necessary. 

2. Strictly no plagiarism. Ensure the originality of your work before submitting it. 

3. Currently, we cannot pay our contributors. That said, you have all the rights and credit to your work(s). 

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