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welcome to chasing shadows

chasing shadows magazine was found in march 2021 as an e-magazine dedicated to art and writing of all forms.

submissions open:

issue 01 – vorfreude

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  • hours ft. you (a slow death)
    “what is it like to love someone till every single breath is just an reminder how you have to get through another day alone” – i stare at the sticky note beside my bedstand/deafening silence creeps up my spine/ yet i find a home somewhere in between/ somewhere far amidst the first ray of sun a lone bird sighs/ i tell myself that i don’t need you
  • Winter Light
    FEATURED POST: A poem by Paul Gray
  • Inside Our Books
    Here we lay on our beds, Our hair is messy buns, Legs raised in the air, Chewing the end of pens, Writing aesthetic poetry of all sorts, On the moon, stars, flowers, people, and life. Poems after poems fill pages, Each poem standing representative of a story, Stories bleed into pages, Through the ink of […]
  • Daily Worship
    The house oddly empty, even the attic ghosts moved on to other haunts.
  • The Last Inning
    My love for you grows like dandelions littering the baseball field.